How we work

When you communicate your footprint to the out-side-world in a marketing message you need to make sure you are showing the character that you really are. In accordance to our vision and mission translated in the future way to look at the developments in the world, or in a way, how can we make the world a little better with the companies activities? What you want to achieve with your activities? We know who we are, but to make it attractive we started out with what the message should be, the following key points came out of that, a short explanation below:


Always Interested

We are always interested in all aspects we think is important to do an extraordinary job and make the world a bit better. Fact is that the people of Van Aalst are always interested in all technical, market, geo political, environmental, health and safety developments. To guarantee the continuity of our company we are always interested in strengthen our company financially to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to our customers, suppliers, agents and employees. Further it is a fact that all our equipment is bought to make profit, that is what we love to provide. Van Aalst adjudge a firm and significant profit for our customers. We see this as our viability. The people of van Aalst put a lot of energy in preceding and keeping our salience to the rest of the market, by being interested.


We think Global

We love traveling the whole wide world,  and achieve sales successes in almost all the continents on this planet. We take care of our vulnerable planet by reducing the power consumption and CO2 emission.  The used material in our equipment is almost all recyclable.  Low hanging fruit and very important is the total life cycle of the equipment. It happens very often that our equipment gets a second or even a third life in a total different country and performs without problems for years to come. We are gladly of service to help commissioning and improving the existing equipment. Van Aalst even use electrical solar energy at our office and drive plug-in hybrid cars to make the companies carbon footprint as low as possible. We remain improving this the coming years.


We innovate

Our engineers work 30% of their time on improving the equipment. We are always loyal to our suppliers and work with them in partnership to also improve the parts they deliver. Innovation is the backbone at Van Aalst. Think about the unique use of the Van Aalst rotating nozzles on the cement manipulator, the hurricane aeration system and the Van Aalst pinch valve. With these improvements we can reduce the power consumption with at least 12 to 15%. Also deployable at the moment is the hybrid compressors and vacuum pumps. We inserted these technics in our equipment in the most optimal way with bringing about great result.


We fulfil

In the long time our organisation is active in the cement industry we helped a lot of companies with very satisfying and solid equipment. We invite all our potential customers to contact us and our customers to ensure them to make the right decision. The best ambassadors of our company are the fulfilled customers, who can be found all over the world. Van Aalst aims for the highest customer satisfaction and history proves that we succeed.