Van Aalst Bulk Handling internal policy on International Trade Compliance background

Importance of compliance

In view of the nature of Van Aalst Bulk Handling’s global business, it is a matter of policy to comply with the international trade legislation governing the transfer of goods, services and technical data e.g.

  • embargoed / sanctioned countries
  • export controls
  • anti-bribery and
  • anti-competition

Transfers do not only include physical shipments, but also the release of technical data (e.g. through visual inspection of equipment and facilities, verbal exchanges or application to situations abroad, of personal knowlegde or technical experience), the electronic transmission of technical data and software, hand-carrying technical data, software, samples, parts and professional equipment.
It is the duty of all personnel in regard to the export or re-export of goods, services, technology or software, to obtain and maintain a working knowlegde of the international trade compliance legislation applicable to their duties, and to ensure that all of their activities are conducted in compliance with such regulations. No violations of these requirements are permitted, regardless of their impact on the sale or transfer of goods, technology, software or services to a Van Aalst Bulk Handling affiliate or to a third party.

In addition, as a matter of policy, Van Aalst Bulk Handling requires that its suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners comly with the international trade compliance legislation governing the export of goods, technology, software and services in all transactions directly or indirectly involving Van Aalst Bulk Handling. Failure to observe this policy may damage Van Aalst Bulk Handling reputation and create substantial  exposure for the Group of companies, including criminal and civil penalties and imprisonment, with a subsequent impact on existing and future contracts.

In order of the importance of comliance with relevant laws and regulations, everyone must ensure that they understand our policy and our commitment.

Arno van Aalst

Managing Director