Road Mobile Ship Unloaders

The road mobile ship unloader offers maximum flexibility and can serve more than one terminal at minimal cost level. Ships and barges up to 7,500 dwt can be unloaded by Van Aalst Bulk Handling road mobile ship unloaders. Unloading capacity up to 230 tons per hour.

The unique features of our road mobile ship unloaders:

  • All equipment for unloading and discharging is mounted on one road mobile semi-trailer
  • Dust free operation
  • Suction arm with 4 sections for optimal reach in hold

Complete conveying from ship to storage

Our road mobile ship unloaders provide both the ship unloading and the conveying to the storage facility with one and the same machine. Only a pipeline from the unloader to the storage facility is required. This makes the total investment costs for the whole barge/ship unloading operation very low compared to alternative systems.

Full road mobility

Our road mobile unloaders can travel over the road from port to port without the need for any permits. Due to its road mobility the utilisation rate of the road mobile unloader can be very high, driving the investment costs per ton to a minimum.

High unloading efficiency – dust free!

The suction arm with 4 independently controllable boom sections is designed for an optimal reach of the arm in the hold so the operator can maintain a high unloading efficiency. Due to the pneumatic means of unloading and discharging the product the entire operation is dust free. The material stays enclosed from picking up the product in the ships hold till discharge at the storage facility.


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