Storage & Reclaim

Flat bottom silo with aerated reclaim floor guarantees 99% reclaim rate. Silos are bolted steel for fast and easy construction on site. Aerated reclaim floors can be installed in silos and domes and ensure reliable and complete reclaim with almost no maintenance required.


The unique features of our flat bottom silos:

  • Bolted steel silo
  • Fast and easy construction on site
  • Maximum storage volume for silo height

Turnkey silo systems

We deliver turnkey silo systems with vent filters, level monitoring, pressure relief valves, reclaim equipment and truck/ship loading installations. All the equipment is controlled and monitored by an integrated HMI. 


The unique features of our reclaim floors:

  • 100% aerated floor – 99% reclaim rate guaranteed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Easy operation – press start and automatic reclaim process will commence!
  • Simultaneous loading and reclaiming possible
  • Can be installed in domes and silos

Reliable and complete reclaim

Van Aalst Bulk Handling’s aerated reclaim floors are a reliable and secure way of reclaiming products from storage facilities. The reclaim floor can be installed in flat bottom silos and domes. Depending on the application and reclaim capacity there are several configurations available to suit your needs: central discharge, side discharge or dual side discharge.


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