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Dustfree - Efficiënt - Safe - High-Performance Barge Unloader

United States – We are happy to announce the delivery of a new Van Aalst Bulk Handling mobile Barge Unloader! Our dedicated teams from the USA and the Netherlands have been at the customer site conducting installation, commissioning and operator training, everything from maintanance to barge u...

Successful Delivery of Extra Truck Loading Point

Today, Van Aalst engineers successfully completed yet another project. This time we supplied and commissioned an additional second truck loading station for the 2016 silo project. The customer can now load trucks at maximum speed at two points of the silo simultaneously with the silo being loaded fr...

New Reclaimer, new opportunaties.

After intensive and detailed engineering, Van Aalst started production of The Reclaimer 3.0. This track-mounted machine will reclaim cement at a rate of 200 tonnes per hour from a flat storage building with discharging it into a day silo. The machine is remote controlled from outside the warehouse,...

Delivery ship loader

Recently Van Aalst Bulk Handling did deliver and commission this barge loader for one of our clients in Asia. This barge loader is designed to load fly ash from a transfer station into the hold of barges with a maximum size of 3.500 dwt.

Holiday wishes

We wish everybody a beautiful holiday season!

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Vacature Project Engineer

Wij zijn op zoek naar een monteur.

Vacature monteur

New project for a convey unit VACU/100/140/E

And yet another Convey Unit for a dedicated Van Aalst customer. This unit conveys cementitious bulk materials from under a silo with a capacity of 100 t/h, dust-free over nearly 150 meters to a VRM. Other unique features are no spillage and contamination due to an enclosed system, flexible conveying...

New project - Convey unit

Van Aalst Bulk Handling is pleased to receive an order from a well-respected customer to supply this 200-t/h convey unit for sucking fly-ash from two opposite outlets of one silo and simultaneous conveying over more than 500 meters to a receiving facility. This system is completely closed so that th...

Cement storage silos and a truck loading equipment project in Aarhus, Denmark

Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV recently conducted a first commissioning session for cement storage silos and a truck loading equipment project in Aarhus, Denmark. The silo floor includes an embedded floor aeration system and the reclaim equipment is installed to transport cement to the truck loading st...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year / Warehouse Closure

Dear Customer, We are looking forward to a new year and to further improve our services in 2022!  We hope you stay healthy and safe for now and in the future, on behalf of all of us at Van Aalst Bulk Handling. During the Christmas holidays, our warehouse will be closed from December 27th 2...

New 2022 Brochure Van Aalst Bulk Handling

NEW! Spare parts on stock in the US!

NEW! Spare parts on stock in the US! Since Van Aalst Bulk Handling Co and PBC Services, Inc. have joined forces we are pleased to inform you that we have been working on improvements for our company on the US market. We have carefully selected a range of spare parts like filter elements, valves a...

Van Aalst Bulk Handling to supply Silo Floor Engineering & Essential Parts for BG Cem Denmark

Van Aalst has been awarded by BG Cem from Denmark to provide the design and engineering for two aerated floors. Van Aalst will also supply the essential parts such as blowers, valves, aeration cloth, dedusting filter units, as well as the entire electrical control system for the 2 concrete 10,000 t...

Repeat order Van Aalst Ship Unloader for dust-free fly ash unloading and pneumatic transport to silos - All in one Machine!

Van Aalst Bulk Handling has won a contract to deliver a second ship unloader to one of the largest Cement Manufacturers in Bangladesh. The pneumatic ship unloader is designed to handle fly ash and is built to cope with the hot and humid conditions in Bangladesh. The ship unloader is rail mounted an...

INTERCEM Mediterranean Rim Cement Forum

Van Aalst Bulk Handling is looking forward to meet you live at the Intercem Cyprus 2021, 28th-29th September 2021 in Limassol. Intercem Event Information

The world's largest cement terminal

International Cement Review With its recent expansion of a 70,000t dome, Beton Provincial’s terminal in Québec, Canada, has become the largest single-user cement terminal in the world. Thanks to its 180,000t of storage capacity it receives cement from two suppliers in the Mediterranean...

Van Aalst Bulk Handling and PBC are joining forces

With pleasure, we would like to announce that PBC Services, Inc. (Houma, LA) is now Van Aalst Bulk Handling Co’s (NL) US representative.  By joining forces with PBC, we are enhancing our ability to provide US-based customers with quicker response times on trouble-shooting and repairs as w...

Ship loader on its way to customer

Van Aalst Bulk Handling will be delivering a Convey Unit and Ship Loader for MI Cement Bangladesh' new cement ship loading terminal. The ship loader has been manufactured at our factory in The Netherlands and is currently on its way to the customer. When the equipment arrives Van Aalst will supervis...

U.S. Market

We feel confident in the assistance of TABS in successfully navigating the U.S. market. Van Aalst Bulk Handling B.V. has been operating in the U.S. for almost twenty years with tailor made solutions for pneumatic loading- and unloading equipment, convey units, railcar- and truck loading equipment, ...

Article Dry Cargo International shipunloaders product range

On page 69 of the April issue of Dry Cargo International you will find a contribution of Van Aalst Bulk Handling describing the range of products of our ship unloaders. Should you have any questions, our team is ready to answer your bulk handling questions. http://www.drycargomag.com/threedmags/Mag...

Brainstorming on improvements

Our engineering team is brainstorming on the improvements of our road mobile ship unloaders to be able to supply our customers with equipment with the latest features.

Van Aalst Bulk Handling B.V. at work

We are working on this order for a large amount of filter elements, to get it on transport to our customer. Proud that we can keep up our services as much as possible in this period and all according to the Covid-19 measures.

New test installation in progress

Our new test installation just came back from the paint shop and is ready to be assembled! The test installation is capable of simulating a complete pneumatic conveying system for a wide range of products. Vacuum conveying, lean and dense phase positive pressure conveying, air slide conveying, fluid...

ESSEX Cement terminal boosts Van Aalst Ship Unloader with new Heila Manipulator Arm

With this new arm, Essex secures their future and reduces the risk of failures. Thanks to a newly introduced electrical safety program, the Heila manipulator arm itself prevents any errors from the operator or ship. This makes the entire machine more efficient and safer. At the same time, the liftin...

Design Capabilities Performance Test Far Exceeded.

Van Aalst Bulk Handling has successfully commissioned another pneumatic ship unloader and convey unit. The design capacities of 230 tph for the ship unloader and 150 tph for the convey unit were well exceeded during a performance test. The ship unloader is equipped with a 20 meter suction arm to un...

Van Aalst Bulk Handling between Christmas and New Year 2019

Dear Van Aalst relation, This year, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, our office is unmanned. We will be back on January 2th. Emails are read to a limited extent and for emergency calls please call 0031-6-15222819.

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Ready for transport

Shiploader for one of our clients ready to go to its destination.

Work in progress

Work in progress: Van Aalst Bulk Handling Convey Unit being installed at the site of one of our clients

Extra storage

Proud of our brand new extra storage facility for our spare parts to improve servies.

Heila Cranes Nederland and Van Aalst Bulkhandling sign exclusive distribution contract

Heila Cranes and, producer of pneumatic ship unloaders, Van Aalst Bulk Handling signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the cement manipulator product group. The contract for the exclusive worldwide distribution of this type of crane was officially signed on the 27th of May of this year. This ...